Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Version 2.0

Hi! From version 1.13 to version 2.0 --> its a universal app....
the user interface is designed for ipads as well now.

have fun,


  1. hi

    the app is great - nice work, particularly like the look of it, the type etc.

    is there a way to record multiple innings in an 8-ball match. for example i usually play 'race to 3 innings' with each inning being a race to 5 or 7.

    it may already be there (and i can't find it) or perhaps it's a suggestion for the next update.

    anyway, thanks

  2. its a suggestion for the next update :)
    a good one by the way.


  3. Schöne App, leider keine Korrekturmöglichkeit bei fehlerhaften Eingaben.

  4. Hey like the app.
    suggestion i cant a 1 off game (race to 1) if i have just a quick one off match with a mate t would be good to be able to have it recorded

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