Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

iphone 5

Good news for all iphone 5 users!

now the app is adjusted to the iphone 5 screen :)
besides some bugs are fixed which caused crashes...

i hope you like the app and have some nice statistics.

in the next update i will use the data in a better way, so that you can see if you improved your skills (for example your average potted balls per game of the last 10 matches compared to average potted balls per game of the rest of your matches...)
and the possibility to play sets in 8/9/10-ball.


Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

Version 3.0.0

Hi all. Version 3.0.0 is out now.

i read some reviews and tried to realize the suggestions and wishes you wrote down. in this new version you can enter handicaps if two players have a different level. and the statistics are still correct (for example time per game). another thing i added is the race-to-one games. before this update you had to play at least a race to 2. in straight pool you can play up to 100 innings now. this should be enaugh i think :) and now you can shoot an ace just in 9-ball. in all other games there is only a roun-out possible...  the definition of an ace (at least in germany) is, that the nine ball goes down on the break without a foul...
ok... just to keep this "blog" up to date...

now there is only one big thing i am going to add in future and thats the possibility to play sets in 8/9/10-ball. the rest of the app is pretty complete in my opinion.
thanks everybody for the help. if you still have suggestions just write them down and i am going to think about the practicability.


Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Version 2.0

Hi! From version 1.13 to version 2.0 --> its a universal app....
the user interface is designed for ipads as well now.

have fun,

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Version 1.7

Well... i know there are not many people reading this :) i had to create the blog in order to release my application.
And a lot of features were added to my Billard Counter app since my first post. And lots of people are using this app now! awesome!
I just wanted to synchronize the blog with the current version of my app... thats it.
have fun,

Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Version 1.1

Hi Everybody,

finally there is a straight pool sheet available in my app.
hope you like it. some features still has to be added like 15 balls in a rack or first foul -2 etc...
but im working on it.
have fun,
Moritz Kohnke

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Version 1.0

hi everybody,

my first app is now on the appstore. It is made for pool billard game documentation in 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball. beside the game score it displays who has the break in the current game. in a few weeks, one more tab is added with straight pool documentation feature.
have fun,