Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Version 1.7

Well... i know there are not many people reading this :) i had to create the blog in order to release my application.
And a lot of features were added to my Billard Counter app since my first post. And lots of people are using this app now! awesome!
I just wanted to synchronize the blog with the current version of my app... thats it.
have fun,


  1. Hi Moritz it's Matt Lester here. I've reviewed billiard scorer on the app store. Just downloaded Billiard Scorer on my iPad2. I would rate it 5 stars if there was sound alerts as shot clock counts down please? Also could the app also be available in landscape as well as portrait please?

    Thanks mate

  2. hay matt! great you found this support page.
    thank you for your review and for contacting me with suggestions for improvement.

    unfortunately i don´t have an ipad2 and so i can only test the app with the ipad2 simulator. and there it works fine with shot-clock-sound.
    so are you sure you have turned sound on on your device?

    some users already contacted me and said they would like to have landscape mode but the tab bar is not compatible with it. to realize landscape mode i would have to use another concept... i think about it!

    feel free to write down other ideas :)